Kerri, over at our blog of the week Colors of the Garden has been talking about homemade bird feeders during the week. She’s been displaying some of the different types of bird feeders they have. Some of them have been bought, and others are DIY projects.

homemade bird feeders

Homemade bird feeders encourage birds into your yard.

If you don’t enjoy having birds in your garden then building homemade bird feeders may not be greatest idea. There are some good reasons why you may not: they eat your fruit, they make a lot of mess, they tempt the cat etc. However, they are the way to go if you enjoy sitting and watching these feathered friends feed. It’s far more gratifying watching them eat from something you built.

If you’ve ever Googled “Bird Feeder” in the images search you will notice that there are a plethora of differing types. There are some that stand atop a single post. Others hang from a tree, or a running line. There are even a few that sit on the ground. Choosing one will depend upon your own circumstances, and what resources you have available.

Which Homemade Bird Feeders to Build

  • Post Bird Feeder. You would build a post bird feeder if your garden lacked a suitable tree or high spot. You may even choose a post feeder if you wanted a focal point in your garden. This would revolve around the type of birds that come and visit. Also, you may prefer a post bird feeder to naturalise into your garden amongst the background of plants.
  • Hanging Homemade Bird Feeders. You may decide to build a hanging bird feeder if you have predators such as cats (or children, dogs, possums, squirrels etc). Obvously, you will need to find a suitable tree that can support the birds that come and visit. Also, it will need to bear the weight of the bird feeder and the bird feed.
  • Running Line Bird Feeder. Another great option is a bird feeder (or feeders) attached to a running line and strung between a tree and the roof of your balcony. This alternative is for those who don’t want to waste time replenishing the food in their feeders. As long as the rope is able to support the weight you may be able to hold a few different types.
  • Ground Level Bird Feeder. You would build this type of homemade bird feeder if you’re confident the birds aren’t volunteers for a predator’s dinner. If you’re sure this is the case then it may be a good way for you feed your birds. Some birds, like finches, tend to prefer eating from the ground anyway. Rather, you may often find them picking up the spillages from hanging bird feeders.

How to Build Homemade Bird Feeders

There’s a great book available for the DIY’er who wants to build their own bird feeder – Birdhouses You Can Build in a Day (aff.). It will even give you some great designs on how to build a birdhouse to attract certain birds.

However, not all bird feeders will be appropriate for the birds in your region. For those looking, here are some great tips for gardeners selecting wild bird feeders and bird feeder kits. Finally, some homemade bird feeders can be extremely ornate while others are just a suspended plank of wood with a few nails in to hold some fruit. Check out some of Kerri’s designs.

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Also, if you’re looking for more information on how to make your home bird feeders resistant to rodents then this article Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder will be helpful.

Photo Credit: zenjazzygeek Flickr via Compfight cc