Softwood cuttings are taken from the new green tips of perennial shrubs during their growing season in Spring. It’s best to take your cuttings (usually about 10cm) first thing in the morning when they’re holding the most water and keep them moist to avoid wilting. Remove almost all of the foliage bar a couple of leaves at the top of the cutting.
Dip the end of the cutting into some rooting hormone powder and then place into a good potting medium. I usually place about 5 cuttings per 200mm pot and then cover it with an a 2L soft drink bottle that’s had its base removed. This produces a wonderful greenhouse effect and gives the cuttings a great start. Remember to label and date the cuttings and keep them in a shaded location.
Once the cuttings have taken root (usually 3-6 months) plant them out in to their own pots trying not to disturb their new root ball.