I know, this sounds like a negative post and I should be doing one about my 5 most loved plants or 6 things I enjoy about gardening or something of that ilk. Well..I’m not going to. I feel like having a rant about plants that I really don’t like and I still wonder why they sell them in nurseries.

I may change my mind at a later date so I’m going to qualify this post by saying that it’s My (Current) 5 most hated plants.

Do you have a list of plants you’d rather not see growing in gardens? Tell us about them maybe we could form a posse and route them out.

Anyway, without further adieu here is my list….

These are listed in most hated order so you can gauge the level of emotive dislike I have for these plants.

  1. Celosia maybe it’s the way people plant these in the garden that makes them so unappealing. Perhaps they would look good mass planted…perhaps! Though I doubt it very much. They just look so fake. In fact, if they made a fake version of this plant it would be the only imitated version that would look better than the original.
  2. Vincas if you struggle to grow these in your garden you might contemplate changing hobbies. Anybody can grow these and usually do. They’re horrible!! Plant petunias or pansies instead.
  3. Spider Plant now there are versions of the this plant that I really like that’s why this one is only in 3rd place. However, it is one of those plants that have been done to death and seem to trip over them everywhere.
  4. Snapdragons I’ve even had these in previous gardens so I don’t hate them that much maybe it’s just another “everywhere” plant that people could, and should, find alternatives for. It’s like eating chicken every night – eventually you get tired of it. Once they start selling these seeds in Kiddie-gro packs you know there no longer a challenge.
  5. Amaranthus Tricolor why do people grow these as display plants – they look stupid. Sure, I’ve seen them mass planted which looks ….well, ok…but growing them singularly [shaking head] I struggle to comprehend.